Hakeeb is a designer who builds digital product experiences. He currently leads design for the Hotels team at Almosafer.

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Hi, I'm Hakeeb

I am a Nigerian he/him living in Dubai, leading design on the Hotels team at Almosafer. I rejoined Almosafer in 2022 to help craft the digital travel experience for the MENA region's largest travel and tourism group, redefining how customers search, discover and book hotels.

For the past 3+ years, I worked closely with two early-stage startups as an advisor (with one being acquired) and have worked on the design team at two top companies in the UAE. I spent the better part of 2021 as a UX lead on the Accommodations team at Almosafer (Seera), delivering a new product to our primary market - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This new product was Chalets+, an alternative accommodations product (Airbnb-type marketplace) that connected hosts who owned Chalets and Istirahas with guests looking to book these properties. Before that, I worked with multiple teams at Bayzat crafting digital HR, Insurance and Payroll products, enabling the 500+ companies that work with us to deliver a world-class experience to their employees.

Before moving to Dubai, I worked as part of a 2-man design team at Cowrywise, a fintech startup focused on helping young Africans plan, save and invest their money. There, I was able to design and launch products that helped the company grow its monthly active users from 7,000+ to 100,000+ within nine months.

I have a degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering. I also love to code, and I am comfortable writing HTML, CSS and Javascript. Outside of product development, I enjoy working on design systems and figuring out how design teams can work and operate better.
As a designer, I am passionate about discovering and solving customer problems, but I equally value craft - sweating the details, polishing and creating delight. I believe a product should feel cohesive, with the whole being much better than the sum of the individual parts, whether built by one person or a team of hundreds. While I appreciate the unique competencies of my product and engineering partners, I believe product teams should have fewer boundaries, and there should be more overlap.

I'm an avid football fan, supporting FC Barcelona, and I try to spend time watching games and analysing how the team plays. Coaching and playing used to be a big part of my life but have lately taken a back seat as a pastime hobby. I have been experimenting with food and cooking, trying out new dishes and taking photos of the mess I create.

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