Hakeeb / Selected works: Cowrywise

Cowrywise website

Cowrywise is a wealth tech startup based in Lagos helping young Africans understand money. I joined the team in 2018 as the second product designer when the entire team could fit on a couch.
Design · Dev
A custom 3D illustration comparing simple and compound interests designed for use on the Cowrywise website.
I worked with the amazing team at Da Design Studio to help create a new brand for the company. Using the new brand, the design team was tasked with creating a new website for the company. I worked closely with Feyisayo Sonubi to design and build the website with the fundamental objectives of elevating and differentiating Cowrywise from similar players in the market.

Designing for delight

Leveraging the illustrations, photography and GIFs provided by the design studio, it was essential to deliver an experience that really showcased the visual assets to ensure the new brand direction came through. There were heavy use of pastels, negative spacing, witty copy and motion to bring vibrancy and dynamism to the web experience.